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Change will not come if we wait for some other person or…some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.—Barack Obama 

The 20th Annual Summit Against Racism will be held on January 20, 2018, at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Since it’s inception in 1996, the Summit has a played a crucial role in forming the relationships and abilities needed to create a movement for justice. In the face of the Trump administrations unrelenting assault on the lives of people of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, women, our environment, and even elephants, and our city’s penchant for gentrification, police-violence, and shady courtship of tech companies, now is the time to commit to the aims highlighted in this year’s conference theme: healing trauma, building community, and inspiring action, the struggle continues!

Over the course of the day, our program presents over 40 workshop and Poster at a rally reads: my dreams are not illegal.presentation sessions, a community resource room with opportunities to network and learn more about ways to plug in with local organizing work, an opening and closing ceremony as well as breakfast and lunch included with your registration fee. The day is designed with the aim of assessing the current needs of our community while developing strategies to combat racism. You can register for the Summit in advance online or when you arrive at the Summit. In order to streamline the registration process and help us be better prepared for your attendance, we strongly encourage pre-registering.

Over 700 people attended the 2017 Summit Against Racism from the Pittsburgh region. Attendees represent all sectors and demographic groups in our movement and communities: young and elder activists; organizers and activists of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer advocates; school-based activists; faith community organizers; artists and cultural workers; and leaders of campus communities.

In short, the Summit Against Racism is a family gathering of some of the most committed and brightest people in our region.

Full Program

Time Workshop Location
Registration | BreakfastChapel Lobby
8:15a - 9:00a
OpeningChapel Auditorium
Workshop Session I
9:15a - 10:45a
A Healing Pause: Yoga for Processing Trauma
Presenter: Alecia Dawn
McNaugher Lounge
Achieving Racial and Social Justice:
How Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Meets the Challenge
Presenters: Claire Cohen, MD, Ana Maria Malinow, MD, Claudia Detwiler, MPH, Judy Albert, MD
Long Hall, Room 203
American Muslims: Another Spoke on the Wheel of Oppression
Presenters: Wasi Mohamed, Omar Slater, Omar Mussa, Ernest Rajakone
John Knox Room
Deadly Exchanges: Police Brutality from Palestine to Pittsburgh
Presenters: Moriah Ella Mason, Darnika Reed
Chapel Auditorium
Decolonizing the Mind: Empowering Pittsburgh Educators, Students and Families to Take Back Learning
Presenters: Michelle King, Lisa Simon, Ph.D., Ashley Capps, Nick Kaczmarek, Nick Tutolo, Saul Straussman, Sarah Mueller
Long Hall, Room 210
Intergenerational Healing
Presenters: Valerie Dixon, Vanessa Mayers-Snyder
Long Hall, Room 216
Join the Coalition for Racial Justice in Media
Presenters: Khalid Raheem, Shanon Williams, Dr. Letrell Crittenden, Mila Sanina
Long Hall, Room 205
Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out: Ending the School to Prison Pipeline
Presenters: Pamela Harbin, Angel Gober, Paulette Foster
Long Hall, Room 217
Moving Towards Conversations and Confrontation
Presenters: Audra Lee, DeMarcus Clarke
Basfield Dining Room
Truth-telling for Racial Justice: An Exploration of U.S. Efforts and Needs
Presenter: Dawn Lehman
Long Hall, Room 207
What’s Natural About Food Deserts? Exploring the Intersection Between Food Access, Racism, and Capitalism
Presenters: Tacumba Turner, Rhea Calhoun, Will Tolliver, Eva Barinas
Long Hall, Room 104
Women in the Workplace: A Conversation on Women, Race, Barriers to Advancement, and What Some are Doing to Improve the Outlook
Presenters: Amanda Neatrour, Sarah E.W. Hansen, PhD.
Long Hall, Room 204
9:15a - 11:45pRehearsing Racial Justice: Using Theatre of the Oppressed as a Tool for Enacting Change in Our Daily Lives
Presenters: April Daras, Evans Malkin, Hannah du Plessis, Liz Foster-Shaner, Mary C. Parker, Rachel DeSoto-Jackson
Long Hall, Room 215
9:15a - 4:00pQuestioning Color: Conversations about Race
Interviews with Tami Dixon
President’s Dining Room
Workshop Lunch Sessions
11:00a -11:45a Pittsburghers' Building Gender Equity
Presenters: Mica L. Williams, Judy Hale Reed
Long Hall, Room 216
11:45a -12:30pReflections on Resistance
Presenter: Kevin Mosley
Long Hall, Room 210
Film Sessions
11:00a - 1:00pEnough is ENOUGH: The Death of Jonny Gammage
Won Best Documentary Feature at International Black DocuFest in 2007.
Chapel Auditorium
1:30p - 3:00p
Watch, Reflect, and Discuss with Cinema Justice Soup
Presenter: Maritza Mosquera, Thomas Poole
Chapel Auditorium
Workshops Session II
12:45p- 2:15p
Brave Spaces
Presenters: Diarra, Patricia
Long Hall, Room 203
Building Power: Addressing Racism and Trauma
in Pittsburgh’s Immigrant Communities
Presenters: Kim Dinh, Antonia Domingo, Mana Aliabadi, Monica Ruiz, Vanessa Griffith, Alicia Quebral, Betty Cruz
Long Hall, Room 215
Can You be White and Woke?
The Problem with Well-Meaning White People
Presenters: Brianna Totty, LMFT; Heather Brown, LMFT; Ashley North Cook, LMFT Brianna Totty, Ashley North Cook
John Knox Room
Cultivating Visions in the Mind and Soul Through Kinesthetic Education
Presenter: Brandon Ahmauri
Long Hall, Room 217
Healing and Transformation through Meditation:
Holding Space for People of Color
Presenter: Michelle King
Basfield Dining Room
Healing Salves: Non-verbal Movement Workshop
Presenter: Alyssa Jurewicz-Johns, MSW, RYT
McNaugher Lounge
In the Time of Political Hurricanes, What do we do to Keep our Commitments to Social Justice Alive and Well?
Presenters: Ron Bandes, Lorraine Cook Cross, Tim Stevens
Starr Dining Room
Moving Beyond White Guilt to Insight, Empathy, and Action!
Members of Pittsburgh Friends (Quaker) Meeting and members of the Wrestling with Racism Group (Warren and First United Methodist Churches)
Long Hall, Room 205
Race, Representation, and Picture Books
Presenters: Brittany J. Thurman, Angela Wiley
Long Hall, Room 207
The Struggle to End Death by Incarceration in PA
Panelists: Paulette Carrington, Troy Davids, Sharif Boyd
Facilitators: Yusef Jones and other Members of the Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI-West)
Long Hall, Room 210
The Wicked Webs of Patriarchy, Racism, and Capitalism
Presenters: Amanda Gross, Felicia Lane Savage Friedman
Long Hall, Room 216
(Please note this workshop is a safe space for African-Americans to dialogue, organize, and heal with other African Americans )
Towards a National Assembly for Black Liberation:
Working Together to Create and Amplify a Shared Agenda
Presenters: Claire Cohen, Aisha White, Carl Redwood
Long Hall, Room 104
What EVERYONE Can Learn From African-American Family History
Presenter: Joe Kennedy
Long Hall, Room 204
Workshop Session III
2:30p - 4:00p
Asian and Black Coalition Building in the U.S.
Presenters: Dr. anupama jain, Dr. Niq D. Johnson
Basfield Dining Room
Cognitive Dissonance and Self-interest: Understanding Difference
Presenters: Liana Maneese, Sydney Olberg
Long Hall, Room 215
Color of Surveillance
Presenters: Matt Stroud, Giselle J., Raghav Sharma
Long Hall, Room 216
Creating Pipelines for Youth in the New Pittsburgh Tech Economy
Presenters: Sean Grey, Jackie Shimshoni, Max, and representatives from Girl Develop it and Technolochicas
Long Hall, Room 217
Disability Justice: Unlocking Cages and Classrooms
Presenter: Dustin Gibson
Long Hall, Room 205
Fighting Everyday Forms of Racism in our Neighborhoods and Beyond
Facilitator: Jackie Smith
Panelists: Jamilah Lahijuddin, Brandi Fisher, Winford Craig, Monica Ruiz, Randy Francisco, Michelle King, Marcia Bandes
Long Hall, Room 210
Getting Better at Uncomfortable Conversations
Presenter: Hannah du Plessis
Long Hall, Room 207
Group Violence Intervention
Presenter: Assistant Chief of Police, LaVonnie Bickerstaff
John Knox Room
Integrating Raga Yoga with an AntiRacist Framework
Presenter: Felicia Savage Friedman, MEd
McNaugher Lounge
Mass Incarceration and the Reentry Experience
Presenters: Rev. Buena Smith Dudley, Aaron Stein, John Cullen, Taili Thompson, Alex Lewis
Long Hall, Room 104
The Role of Music in the Fight for Social Justice
Presenters: Phat Man Dee, Liz Berlin, Pastor Deryck Tines, Miguel Sague Jr., Jennifer Saffron
Long Hall, Room 204
Transformative Intergroup Dialogue:
Courageous Communication and Connection
Presenters: Mario C. Browne, MPH, Erika Gold Kestenberg, PhD
Long Hall, Room 203
4:15p - 5:00pClosingChapel Auditorium


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